Welcome to visit SONG BIO-ESM LAB


The SONG BIO-ESM Lab specializes in Biospheric-Earth System Modeling. We aim to advance our understanding and predictive power of the role of vegetation, microbial communities, and humans -the biotic components of the Earth system - in terrestrial-atmospheric interactions. To achieve this goal, we develop and employ a variety of state-of-the-art tools to address pressing issues of the world. In particular, we

  • Develop multi-scale datasets, scaling solutions, and process-based models across disciplinary boundaries to improve Earth System Models (ESMs).
  • Apply improved ESMs to simulate and forecast biospheric system behaviors in response to climate forcings, and
  • Seek both scientific insights and practical strategies of fundamental relevance to societal well-being, including agriculture production, bioenergy feedstock, carbon sequestration, and water quantity and quality.